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Impact Of Globalization On Sustainability And Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most discussed subjects at the present time. With global warming, increase in the population, clean water deficiency and shortage of food, people more and more thinking about how to make their life more sustainable. But what is sustainability? According to United Nations, â€Å"sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need.† To satisfy our needs we use natural resources as well as social and economic resources. Some of the resources are relatively easy to replenish and some of them – almost impossible. Efficient use of those resources is a sustainability. Even though almost everyone understands importance of sustainable life, we continue†¦show more content†¦In addition, economical and natural resources are much cheaper in those countries. It is possible due to the fact that local governments are very interesting in bringing those companies to their countries in order to bring additional tax income to the federal and local budgets. However, this creates other problems that is closely related to the sustainability. Among those problems are: social and economic inequity, environmental pollutions, monopolism and others. Even though global companies create new jobs in the undeveloped countries, their also increase socioeconomic gap between different countries and people within the country. According to the World Bank globalization for the time period of 14 years, between 1990 and 2004, the amount of the people worldwide who lived on less than one US dollar a day decreased by 260 million from previous 1.25 billion people. This is definitely great improvement. However, the same source says the amount of poor people has increased by approximately 60 million. Furthermore, the income difference has increases as well, which means that rich people become even richer and poor people stay the same or have increased their income very slightly. Anothe r negative affect of the globalization is increase in the pollution of the environment. With opening of new markets and demand increase more goods and services have to be produced to meet the demand.Show MoreRelatedPuma Corporation s Integrative Managerial Issues Regarding Social Responsibility Essay1213 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness practices. One corporation that exceeds expectations when it comes to corporate social responsibility is Puma Corporation. Their latest social responsibility initiatives aim to tackle such important issues as globalization, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability. Puma Corporation is an international company that designs, develops, and sells various types of sportswear, including footwear, clothing, and accessories. Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, this corporation has grownRead MoreWhat Can Raise Awareness Of Sustainable Consumption Of Textiles For College Students1637 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: Many consumers aren’t educated on the importance of sustainability of clothing and textiles. The media mistakenly represents sustainability and the influence it can have on the environment. This research paper will attempt to address the question of what could raise awareness of sustainable consumption of textiles for college students. Consumers should all be aware of how they can conserve the environment by preserving clothing which is a concept that many people have not acknowledgedRead MoreGlobalization : Globalization And Sustainable Prosperity1032 Words   |  5 PagesGlobalization and sustainable prosperity â€Å"To what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?† Globalization’s impact on sustainable prosperity is examined in the source. It does this by asking a question. Also examined is the impact on all people and this would include both developing nations as well as developed nations. The source is also somewhat leading the reader to question the extent of the impact, which implies that there is a positive impact on sustainableRead MoreGlobalization is a World Where More Nations are Interdependent on Each Other741 Words   |  3 PagesAccording to Anthony Giddens, globalization refers to the fact that people are increasingly living in one world where various nation, group and individual are becoming more and more interdependent of each others. Usually globalization is often portray as a economic phenomenon where the transnational corporations(TNCs) whose operations are so massive that it stretches across national borders at the same time influencing economic activities and labor markets. However globalization is not just driven by economicRead MoreThe Effects of Globalization1678 Words   |  7 PagesEffects of Globalization Globalization involves shrinking or reduction of the world as well as an increased consciousness in regards to the world as a whole. Globalization is a term which is used in the description of changes in societies and the economy of the world which results in a dramatic increase in investment, cross border trade s well as cultural exchange. Globalization is dominated by nation states, economies of national and the cultural identities of nations. Globalization creates anRead MoreA Reflection Paper On Central Concepts876 Words   |  4 Pagesan iPhone connects me to over millions of people around the globe making us part of globalization, which is â€Å"The expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and world-space† (Steger 15). Apple customers are exposed to capitalism, economics, and sustainability through their purchase of Apple products, most commonly iPhones, which ties them into globalization. â€Å"Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governmentsRead MoreThe Term Sustainability in The Brundtland Report in 1987 Essay649 Words   |  3 Pagestraceable back to mankind’s unsustainable practices. Sustainability has often been deemed the only feasible approach to providing mankind with a worthwhile future. The term â€Å"sustainability† has gained considerable support since its publication in the Brundtland Report in 1987. The acceptance of the report by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly gave the term serious political status and resulted in global following (****). Sustainability or sustainable development aims at alleviating povertyRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On The Global Economy1355 Words   |  6 PagesGlobalization is interpreted in a variety of different ways. One way is that it introduces opportunities which further develops regions to progress and prosper in the global economy. In many cases globalization means the shift toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy. The world is moving away from self-contained national economies and toward an interdependent, integrated global economy. There is an insurmountable amount of ways to impact globalization but some include trade, peopleRead MoreInternal And External Factors Affecting Mcdonalds1468 Wor ds   |  6 PagesII (A). INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS AFFECTING MCDONALDS Due to globalization and increased competition in the fast food industry, a very complex environment is created for McDonald’s. There are various internal and external environmental factors affecting the functions of McDonald’s corporation and demands for new innovations. The factors are as follows: Internal Factors: Internal factors are the factors within the company, which affects the success and operation of business. The company canRead MoreThe Alliance : A Partnership Of Convenience Between Unionists And Environmentalists1396 Words   |  6 Pagesenvironmentalists, both of whom oppose globalization; however, such protectionist ideals are not compatible with a sustainable global economy. A Partnership of Convenience Though labor and environmental groups typically diverge on many issues, both of them tend to support protectionist policies. Environmentalists and unionists make up two of the largest groups against globalization, though their reasons for opposition vary. Labor unions mainly oppose globalization because of the threat outsourcing poses

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Paul Quinn College Admissions ACT Scores More

Paul Quinn College had an acceptance rate of 32% in 2016, making it fairly selective. Applicants will need to submit an application, high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and a letter of recommendation. For additional requirements and instructions, be sure to visit the schools website, or get in touch with an admissions counselor.   Admissions Data (2016) Paul Quinn College Acceptance Rate: 32%Test Scores -- 25th / 75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 280  / 4510SAT Math: 310  / 520SAT Writing: - / -ACT Composite: 12  / 25ACT English: 8  / 22ACT Math: 13  / 27ACT Writing: - / - Description Founded in 1872, Paul Quinn College is a private, four-year historically black college located on a tree-lined campus in a residential neighborhood on the southern edge of Dallas, Texas. PQC is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal church and has roughly 240 students who are supported by a student/faculty ratio of 13 to 1. The colleges most popular academic programs are in business and legal studies. For fun outside of the classroom, PQC is home to a host of student clubs, Greek organizations, and men’s soccer as a club sport. For intercollegiate athletics, the Paul Quinn Tigers compete in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the Red River Athletics Conference, and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). PQC has teams for men’s and women’s cross country, basketball, and track and field, and the schools teams have won 16 conference championships and a National Small College Athletic Association championship. Enrollment (2016) Total Enrollment: 436  (all undergraduate)Gender Breakdown: 44% Male / 56% Female93% Full-time Costs (2016  to 2017) Tuition and Fees: $8,318Books: $ -Room and Board: $6,000Other Expenses: $3,600Total Cost: $17,918 Paul Quinn College Financial Aid (2015  to 2016) Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 100%Percentage of New Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 100%Loans: 68%Average Amount of AidGrants: $5,864Loans: $2,127 Academic Programs Most Popular Majors:  Business Administration, Legal Studies Transfer, Graduation and Retention Rates First-Year Student Retention (full-time students): 57%Transfer Out Rate: -%4-Year Graduation Rate: 3%6-Year Graduation Rate: 8% Data Source: National Center for Educational Statistics Paul Quinn College Mission Statement The mission of the College is to provide a quality, faith-based education that addresses the academic, social, and Christian development of students and prepares them to be servant leaders and agents of change in the global marketplace.

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Iphone 4 Research Paper Free Essays

Weighing in at just four point eight ounces, the iPhone four is one of the most well-known and incredible touch screen cell phone devices ever made. With so many amazing features, information and capabilities, this phone is undoubtedly a must have of two thousand and twelve. All around the world, you see business professionals making important calls, closing in on company deals and occasionally talking to their spouses about what they will have for dinner. We will write a custom essay sample on Iphone 4 Research Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, these sophisticated workers are not the only people you will see with an iPhone in their hand. Apple Corporation has keenly targeted buyers of all ages with the iPhone’s broad array of capabilities. Starting with elementary aged children, who are lured in by the gaming qualities, along with their parents who want to be able to contact them after school or at soccer practices. For them, it is a fun yet functional addition to everyday life. More common users of the iPhone are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram-obsessed teenagers. Whether it is a sit down dinner or during high school and college classes, teens are always checking for new tweets, messages, status updates and professional looking Instagram photos. Shocking or not, the average teen checks their smartphone around three hundred times per day; twelve and a half times an hour, which equals out at every four point eight minutes. The average adult was not far behind this statistic, as they check primarily their email every twelve minutes. These are just a few different types of iPhone owners, but since there are so many technology savvy people in the world, almost anyone has the ability to use the iPhone. The iPhone has an astonishing sixty four million users throughout the United States, although Droid, Android, and HTC brand phones have claimed fifty one percent of smartphone users and iPhone users hold on closely to that remaining forty nine percent. Another great feature with the iPhone is Siri; interactive software that allows you use your voice to send messages, place calls and even locate the nearest coffee shop. All you do is hold the home button, and Siri will ask you how she can help. As most people know, the iPhone is made with glass on both the back and the front sides, which amounts to a beautiful retina display. This however causes many cracked and shattered expensive-to-fix screens. The five-megapixel camera also draws people to the iPhone since it is one of the best on the market. You will be sure to capture that Kodak moment every time. With a height of four point five inches, a width of two point three inches and a depth of zero point three seven inches, the iPhone most definitely is not the thinnest smartphone on the market. That is the Droid Razr, which is a large competitor to the iPhone, but it does not affect Apple because they have such extreme profits every year. Since the iPhone has eighteen international language options available, it is accessible nearly all over the world. With these great accessories and uses, the iPhone seems like an ideal choice. Even though the iPhone appears perfect in every way, everything has flaws and there is no way around that. To start off, the iPhone as afore mentioned, is made of glass which causes it to be very fragile. This specific reason is a large contributor to why millions of dollars each year are spent on accessories such as cases and screen protectors, since some people do not purchase a case solely for decoration. One single slip of the fingers and your iPhone can be destroyed. Compared to other smartphones, the iPhone battery life does not stand up to its competitors. The Droid Incredible has a battery life of twenty hours while the iPhone’s lithium battery holds an average of seven hours of use. Few things in my opinion could be worse than a dead phone when you need it most. Another weakness the iPhone has is its lack of availability for a memory card to be inserted. This drives away the smartphone users who have thousands of songs in their iTunes libraries, hundreds of pictures and videos along with the large gigabyte use for gaming apps. Another downfall would be the price. The phone itself is six hundred dollars if it needs to be replaced. It is no doubt worth that much, but since apple makes so much money the price should be lowered. A Droid Razr has almost all of the same features as the iPhone yet it only cost three hundred and fifty dollars. If I could personally change one thing about the iPhone, it would be the maps application. It should have turn-by-turn navigation similar to a real GPS. The iPhone is extremely difficult to use for directions if you are driving, not to mention dangerous while one attempts to read the confusing map. The map does not point you in the direction you are going; it points you in the direction that you are coming from. Overall, I believe the strengths outweigh the weaknesses and sixty four million other people must agree with me. The iPhone is used all over the world by many different people and for many different things including maps, the outstanding camera, its retina display, fast internet speed and everything else it contains. Overall, it would be a great investment for someone who needs a phone that does more than call. Although the iPhone has a few imperfections, its vast array of features makes it hard to pass up. http://www. apple. com/iphone/iphone-4/specs. html http://www. pcmag. com/article2/0,2817,2397688,00. asp http://articles. businessinsider. com/2010-01-13/tech/30018103_1_screen-repair-kit-iphone http://www. apple. com/iphone/built-in-apps/maps-compass. html http://articles. latimes. com/2012/jun/12/business/la-fi-apple-20120612 How to cite Iphone 4 Research Paper, Essays

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Software and System Tester Free Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Software and System Tester. Answer: Introduction In business environment, change is the only constant aspect. Customers are usually influenced either negatively or positively depending on how network of that place have been tested. In testing process, a set of activates are launched to facilitate establishment of new capabilities of the system. In addition, for a software or system to work with efficiency, there is need for various tests to be subjected onto it before the actual use exercised. The exercise is usually conducted by an expert who ensures that various units of the system are in correct state hence able to facilitate the system to achieve its purpose. In this process, a complete and integrated software is put under a test.When conducting the process, the behavior of the entire system is subjected under the test.The process entails tests that are based on the risks and the specifications required. The activity is usually the last ensuring that the system realized the intended purpose by which it was launched. Specialist are usually the people who initiates the process ensuring that efficiency is realized. In the process of software testing, the analysis is conducted to a fully installed system in order to establish the effectiveness of the system inline to the specific requirements. When the system meets specified intentions, it is said to be effective. Example of job advertisements on system testing Various jobs advertisements have been conducted on internet and other forms of media. Specific examples in these jobs entail testing mobile games while at home, testing of the efficiency of websites on online platform. Testing software and integration adverts, quality assurance engineering online adverts have been availed on the platforms. Software designing adverts, intermediate software tester, Web infrastructure tests, intermediate automation testing adverts and functional software tester. Other example of software testing adverts are those on agile product testing ,lead tester conducted by medical council of Canada, Senior tests and release tests by climax media and quality assurance analyst conducted by the global container terminals of Canada. Stages in testing the system The initial stage starts with Unit testing. In the process, involves software development activities where small elements that can be tested of applications are checked for effective functioning. The process is conducted either by manual means or by automation. The process is then followed by integration testing. In the phase, the individual software modules are put together and tested as a whole. The process is established before validation testing and after unit testing. System testing itself targeting at ensuring the system complies. The last stage is acceptance testing employed to determine if the requirements specifications are met. A crucial example involved in this exercise is during the stages of making a ball pen, the cap, the body, the tail, the ink cartridge and the ball point are made differently .Two units when brought together and integration conducted. The system made requires testing to certain its effectiveness. While conducting the process, the experts aim at ensuring that defects are detected and corrected early to avoid accidents. In doing so, a lot of money that otherwise could have been wasted in repairing the entire system and the losses incurred. To sum up, testing a system ensures that a faulty one is corrected and therefore performance is improved. Various testing approaches are utilized for instance graphical interface testing that ensures that a system conforms to its specifications. Usability is also a common method utilized to help one know how to use the machine. The whole process of testing ensures that faulty parts or systems are corrected so that accidents and inefficiency cases are cut short timely that otherwise could cause many negative impacts. Testing the system is thus crucial, and as discussed should be done before main purpose of the system is launched. References Black, R. (2002). Managing the testing process . New York: Wiley Publishing. Maulana, K. (2006). System testing and implementation process . Educational journals, 1-20. Mika, V., Casper, L. (2016). Defect detection Efficiency :Test case based on exploratory testing. International sympssium journal , 10-13. William, P. (2000). Effective methods of software testing . chicago : Wileys and Sons.

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AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION essays During part of Thomas Jefferson and Jacksons presidency, what we now call the American Industrial Revolution took place. It was an era filled with bursts of technology and immigration. This era seemed to hurt the young country, however. But for the most part, the American Industrial Revolution forever benefit the well-being of the young nation. There were many aspects of the industrial revolution that came into part and played major roles in determining the success (or to some, failures) of this era. One might remember this revolution to be famous for factories, womens rights and other social changes, and economic changes in trade. It is true that this era was famous for these (or to some, infamous), and although not all effects of the revolution were good, it is a firm belief that the good everlasting effects definitely outweighed the bad. With that said, the Industrial revolution benefit the United States to a great extent that surpassed what was hurt in the process. For much of the people that lived during that era, it was very common for one to work in the factory. And there is no denying that the workplace was a horrendous environment. It was unsafe. During that time, it did hurt the people because they lived in lowly places and had long hours with little pay. But time and time again, we will see that we need to fall in order to get up and become stronger. For you see, factories benefit us greatly. It increased mass manufacturing, which in turn helped feed the masses of immigrants that flocked to the United States. Through companies such as the Lowell Factory, they were able to mass produce cotton cloth by power machinery in a building. That was the first time in world history. Factory workers and factories during this revolution are practically the roots of where our mass production of goods come from. If factories did not become so popular, the nation would not have been as industrialized. If the na...

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The Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842

The Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842 A major achievement in diplomacy and foreign policy for post-revolutionary America, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842 peacefully eased tensions between the United States and Canada by resolving several long-standing border disputes and other issues. Background: The 1783 Treaty of Paris In 1775, on the brink of the American Revolution, the 13 American colonies were still part of the 20 territories of the British Empire in North America, which include the territories that would become the Province of Canada in 1841, and eventually, the Dominion of Canada in 1867. On September 3, 1783, in Paris, France, representatives of the United States of America and King George III of Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris ending the American Revolution. Along with acknowledging America’s independence from Britain, the Treaty of Paris created an official border between the American colonies and the remaining British territories in North America. The 1783 border ran through the center of the Great Lakes, then from Lake of the Woods â€Å"due west† to what was then believed to be the source or â€Å"headwaters† of the Mississippi River. The border as drawn gave the United States lands that had previously been reserved for indigenous peoples of the Americas by earlier treaties and alliances with Great Britain. The treaty also granted Americans fishing rights off the coast of Newfoundland and access to the eastern banks of the Mississippi in return for restitution and compensation to British loyalists who had refused to take part in the American Revolution. Differing interpretations of the 1783 Treaty of Paris resulted in several disputes between the United States and the Canadian colonies, most notably the Oregon Question and the Aroostook War. The Oregon Question The Oregon Question involved a dispute over territorial control and commercial use of the Pacific Northwest regions of North America between the United States, the Russian Empire, Great Britain, and Spain. By 1825, Russia and Spain had withdrawn their claims to the region as a result of international treaties. The same treaties granted Britain and the United States residual territorial claims in the disputed region. Called the â€Å"Columbia District† by Britain and the â€Å"Oregon Country† by America, the contested area was defined as being: west of the Continental Divide, north of Alta California at the 42nd parallel, and south of Russian America at the 54th parallel. Hostilities in the disputed area dated back to the War of 1812, fought between the United States and Great Britain over trade disputes, the forced service, or â€Å"impressment† of American sailors into the British Navy, and Britain’s support of Indian attacks on Americans in the Northwest frontier. After the War of 1812, the Oregon Question played an increasingly important role in international diplomacy between the British Empire and the new American Republic. The Aroostook War More of an international incident than an actual war, the 1838-1839 Aroostook War – sometimes called the Pork and Beans War – involved a dispute between the United States and Britain over the location of the border between the British colony of New Brunswick and the U.S. state of Maine. While no one was killed in the Aroostook War, Canadian officials in New Brunswick arrested some Americans in the disputed areas and the U.S. State of Maine called out its militia, which proceeded to seize parts of the territory. Along with the lingering Oregon Question, the Aroostook War highlighted the need for a peaceful compromise on the border between the United States and Canada. That peaceful compromise would come from the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842. The Webster-Ashburton Treaty From 1841 to 1843, during his first term as Secretary of State under President John Tyler, Daniel Webster faced several thorny foreign policy issues involving Great Britain. These included the Canadian border dispute, the involvement of American citizens in the Canadian rebellion of 1837 and the abolition of international slave trade. On April 4, 1842, Secretary of State Webster sat down with British diplomat Lord Ashburton in Washington, D.C., both men intent on working things out peacefully. Webster and Ashburton started by reaching an agreement on the boundary between the United States and Canada. The Webster–Ashburton Treaty re-established the border between Lake Superior and the Lake of the Woods, as originally defined in the Treaty of Paris in 1783, and confirmed the location of the border in the western frontier as running along the 49th parallel up to the Rocky Mountains, as defined in the Treaty of 1818. Webster and Ashburton also agreed that the U.S. and Canada would share the commercial use of the Great Lakes. The Oregon Question, however, remained unresolved until June 15, 1846, when the U.S. and Canada averted a potential war by agreeing to the Oregon Treaty. The Alexander McLeod Affair Shortly after the end of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, several Canadian participants fled to the United States. Along with some American adventurers, the group occupied a Canadian-owned island in the Niagara River and employed a U.S. ship, the Caroline; to bring them supplies. Canadian troops boarded the Caroline in a New York harbor, seized her cargo, killed one crewman in the process, and then allowed the empty ship to drift over Niagara Falls. A few weeks later, a Canadian citizen named Alexander McLeod crossed the border into New York where he bragged that he had helped seize the Caroline and had, in fact, killed the crewman. American police arrested McLeod. The British government claimed that McLeod had acted under the command of British forces and should be released to their custody. The British warned that if the U.S. executed McLeod, they would declare war. While the U.S. government agreed that McLeod should not face trial for actions he had committed while under orders of the British Government, it lacked the legal authority to force the State of New York to release him to British authorities. New York refused to release McLeod and tried him. Even though McLeod was acquitted, hard feelings remained. As a result of the McLeod incident, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty agreed on principles of international law allowing for the exchange, or â€Å"extradition† of criminals. International Slave Trade While Secretary Webster and Lord Ashburton both agreed that international slave trade on the high seas should be banned, Webster refused to Ashburton’s demands that the British be allowed to inspect U.S. ships suspected of carrying slaves. Instead, he agreed that the U.S. would station warships off the coast of Africa to search suspected slave ships flying the American flag. While this agreement became part of the Webster–Ashburton Treaty, the U.S. failed to vigorously enforce its slave ship inspections until the Civil War began in 1861. The Slave Ship ‘Creole’ Affair Though it was not specifically mentioned in the treaty, Webster-Ashburton also brought a settlement to the slave trade-related case of the Creole. In November 1841, the U.S. slave ship Creole was sailing from Richmond, Virginia, to New Orleans with 135 slaves on board. Along the way, 128 of the slaves escaped their chains and took over the ship killing one of the white slave traders. As commanded by the slaves, the Creole sailed to Nassau in the Bahamas where the slaves were set free. The British government paid the United States $110,330 because under international law at the time officials in the Bahamas did not have the authority to free the slaves. Also outside the Webster-Ashburton treaty, the British government agreed to end the impressment of American sailors.

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Living in the Digital World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Living in the Digital World - Essay Example It is therefore evident that this evaluation may be subject to distortion and give incorrect data. Self-reported data may be subject to an individual’s aspirations, circumstances and comparison with others. Hence, an individual may intentionally give invalid information in regards to his or her happiness. The article accepts this shortcoming in measuring happiness but does not come up with strategies to overcome the possibility of collecting data (Blanchflower, 2003, p. 3). The author suggests that human happiness cannot be understood without listening to what people say about themselves. However, it is possible to collect accurate data given the fact the world has become more digital. Accurate data can be recorded to evaluate a person’s level of happiness by analyzing his or her activities both online and offline. It is necessary to take precaution when collecting data online as people may give information that cannot be substantiated. Boerro and Pascoe (2007) also not ed that the lack of real-life interaction in social networking sites can make respondents feel less obliged to give real information. The study â€Å"Money, Sex and Happiness† does not explore the possibility of alternative ways of collecting reliable data from the responds. The author stresses the significance of sex in relation to a person’s happiness by pointing out that almost all adults engage in sex quite often in their lives. According to Magnet (2007), sex was rated as the activity that produced the single largest amount of happiness. Thus, the study indicates that sex is an empirical determinant of happiness in the society. The authors are not clear on how the information on the sexual activity of individuals will be collected and substantiated. The article notes that, â€Å"[a]lthough, for the sake of persuasive identification, it would be desirable to have instrumental variables for sexual activity, in this paper we follow the simpler route of providing sin gle-equation estimates with no adjustment for possible endogeneity† (Blanchflower, 2003, p. 4).